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4th Grade

Your fourth-grader is learning to apply more abstract thinking and problem-solving skills in both academic and personal environments.

Fourth-graders have learned the basics and now they are ready and eager to apply what they know to their own lives. Fourth-graders are learning how to make responsible decisions and also learn how less-responsible decisions impact themselves and those around them.

Coupled with this are an increased awareness and desire for increased responsibilities. Personal interests tend to appear during this time. Greenleaf's fourth-grade teachers enjoy helping their students explore their individuality in a safe and encouraging learning environment.

4th Grade Teachers

Mrs. Brigl
Ext: 83879
Ms. Cronin
Ext: 83821
Ms. DeGoey
Ext: 83848
Ms. Gill
Ext: 83881
Ms. Thomley
Ext: 83839
Mrs. Williams
Ext: 83836