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Chess Team

After school chess at Greenleaf.

Greenleaf's chess team offers students a great "sport of the mind".  Students are taught beginner and intermediate concepts and are able to compete in an end-of-year in class tournament. The four basic components of our chess class are: 

1. Teach It!…Learn different chess concepts and be coached to implement those concepts into chess games 

2. Practice It!…Practice positions set by the coach to improve understanding of the concept.

3. Puzzle It!… Take chess puzzles (constructed by WIM Serafima Sokolovskaya) and work with coach guidance to solve them. 

4. Play It!…Each class ends with students playing 20-30 minutes of chess. 

Using this method, students progress through 60+ chess lessons and thousands of puzzles as well as guided games and in-class tournaments.