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Art Gallery

Students Water Color Painting
Student Creating prehistoric drawings
Student showing owl drawing
Student water color painting leaves
Students sharing water color paints
Students using stencils in art class
student adding details to water color leaf painting
Kids in art class
Student watercolor painting a background
Student painting fall toned leaves
Students water color painting
Student watercolor painting leaves
Student adding details to watercolor painting
students sharing art supplies
student painting glaze on pottery
student adding glaze to leaf pottery
students adding neon chalk to mask craft
student creating day of dead art project
day of dad sugar skull project
student doing owl drawings using chalk rubbing techniques
Kindergarteners showing off owl drawings
smiling art student
student showing art project
students painting watercolor chameleon
1st graders mixing primary colors
4th grader showing of lakota medicine bag
4th grade showing native american art project
3rd graders water color painting

Arts created primarily for visual perception, as drawing, graphics, painting, sculpture, and the decorative arts.

Our visual arts curriculum makes valuable connections to the individual, to society and to culture. The growing complexity of our contemporary culture requires of every individual a capacity for visual analysis and critique. In the production and contemplation of artworks, we can understand ourselves and the world around us. Learning through the visual arts develops creative problem-solving skills as students face issues that often have multiple solutions. Art brings individuals together to share feelings, beliefs and values and develop a sense of community.

Kelly Heckendorf

Art Teacher